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       Zhejiang Shuanglin machinery Limited by Share Ltd (Stock Code: 832111) is a professional manufacturer of plastic pipe equipment, Wisdom underground pipe network system service providers. The company was founded in 1991, has 2 production base is now under (Yuhang, De Qing), More than 400 employees, more than 100 professional and technical personnel. Enterprise technology center in 2008 was named Hangzhou municipal technical research and development center, In 2013 by the Zhejiang provincial engineering research center of plastic pipe manufacturing equipment "". With the Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology and long-term cooperation The construction engineering research and development center. As of 2014 December, more than 120 national patents, including 16 invention patents. And bear A number of national torch plan project. Shuanglin brand has been identified as "Zhejiang famous trademark", "Zhongguo Chiming Shangbiao". Twenty years Here, through the pipeline, Shuanglin machinery equipment research, production, sales of accumulation, always keep the plastic pipe in China's machinery segments before Three. In China, there are more than 80% well-known pipe manufacturers are our customers. In March 6, 2015 the National SME share Transfer system (the new board) listed (stock abbreviation: Shuanglin machine; Stock Code: 832111). Become the new three domestic The first plastic pipe equipment, water treatment equipment listed listing Corporation.

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